Photo Competition

New Categories for the 32nd "Secrets of the Nullarbor" ASF Conference

  • Dead Animal
  • Fire and Floods
  • Smart Phone
  • Internal Cave - Decorations, passages, etc
  • External Cave- Entrances and above ground shots
  • Funny and Humorous
  • People


Images will be accepted in digital. They must be the photographers own work. Photographer does not need to attend the conference, however entry is restricted to ASF members

Smart phone category is for only smart phones, however smart phone photos can be entered in all categories.

A maximum of 3 images per category will be accepted per photographer.

Images entered must not have been awarded a place in a previous ASF Conference photo competition.

Digital Image requirements

Digital images are to be in a commonly used image format - JPG or PNG for example. Each file must be less than 5MB in size.

Each image is to be given a file name which indicates the Category to be entered, the photographer’s name, and may also include short image title.

For example: dead_animal-Joe_smith-Dead-bird_in_a_Nullarbor_cave.jpg

Entry Fee

Entry fees will be used to purchase prizes for each category.

Entries to the Secrets of the Nullarbor Photo Competition will be at the rate of $3 per image.


The overall winner will be determined by popular vote at the Secrets of the Nullarbor conference

Winners of each individual category will be determined by a panel of judges

Where to send Digital Images

Entries can be submitted to Pam Payne using the contact details below.

Entries for the photo competition close on the 13th of April!

Please be sure to include your contact details – phone number and email address. Email confirmation will be sent upon receipt of digital entries.

To pay for your submissions, please use this item on the conference store: Make sure that you buy one ticket per entry!

Pam Payne Email contact:

Photo Submission Agreement

All works entered for the competition must have permission of the rights owners for all data used in production of the entry. The copyright of all entries will remain with the authors. Entries may be reproduced for display during the 32nd ASF Conference. All reproduced entries will be credited. No further use will be made of any copies without permission. No rights will be conceded to sponsors or other parties without permission of the entrants, and entrants will be free to set terms for any such use.

Entrants agree to the following:

0. Definitions

0.1 “Secrets of the Nullarbor” used below refers to 32nd ASF Conference Organising Committee and AustralianSpeleological Federation Inc, together with their members.
0.2 “ASF” used below refers to the Australian Speleological Federation, Inc.

1. Copyright and Permissions

1.1 By submitting works to this contest you confirm that for each work submitted -
    1. You alone are the author of your work and that it is your original work,
    2.You are the sole copyright holder,
    3.You have not licensed any rights in the work that conflict with the usage rights required by “Secrets of the Nullarbor”
    4. You have the permission of any persons in the work, or if they are under 16, the consent of their parent or guardian, to grant the usage rights required by “Secrets of the Nullarbor”,
    5. You have permission from the owners of property shown in the work to grant the usage rights required by “Secrets of the Nullarbor”,
    6. That it has not been a winning or shortlisted entry in any previous ASF conference,
    7. You will be responsible for any claim made by any third party in respect of Your entry and You fully indemnify “Secrets of the Nullarbor” and its sponsors in respect of all royalties, fees and any other monies owing to any person or entity by reason of Your breaching any of the foregoing.

1.2 “Secrets of the Nullarbor” reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any entry that does not comply with any of the above, even after the entry is submitted.

2 Unacceptable Content

2.1 “Secrets of the Nullarbor” reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any entry that contains threatening, false, misleading, abusive, harassing, libellous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, scandalous, inflammatory, pornographic or profane content, or otherwise does not meet the competition's requirements
2.2 That contains any material that could constitute or encourage conduct which would be considered a criminal offence, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise violate any law. 
2.3 You agree to fully indemnify “Secrets of the Nullarbor” and its sponsors in respect of all costs owing to any person or entity arising by reason of Your breaching any of the foregoing.

3. Your Copyright and Moral Rights

1. “Secrets of the Nullarbor” respects Your rights and does not claim copyright for works You submit to this contest, You will retain full copyright in each entry.
2. In addition your moral rights are respected. Whenever Your work is published by “Secrets of the Nullarbor” You will be credited. Failure to publish a credit due to error or oversight shall not be deemed a breach of this

4. Use of works

4.1 By entering this contest You agree that any work You submit may be used by “Secrets of the Nullarbor” solely
for marketing and promotional purposes of this contest or future contests and no other purpose, these uses include;
    1. judging the competition,
    2. displaying the entries to promote the competition,
    3. displaying the entries at the conference
    4. cropping and re-sizing the work may be necessary to fit pre-defined formats to promote the competition,
4.2 You hereby grant “Secrets of the Nullarbor”" a non-exclusive, royalty-free licence in each Entry throughout the world in all media for the uses described in 4.1 above for 10 years following the date of announcement of the winners.
4.3 You acknowledge your responsibility for protecting your Entry against misuse by third parties, by such means as the insertion of a watermark, for example, and by embedding ownership metadata. “Secrets of the Nullarbor”and its Partners can assume no responsibility and are not liable for any misuse of your work by third parties. The organizer will make sure metadata is not stripped from displayed entries The visual display or entries to facilitate conference participants judging of the People’s Choice award will have metadata removed but will be protected from copying.
4.4 Should any uses of the work beyond those needed to promote the contest arise You will be contacted and given the opportunity to negotiate any such usage with the parties concerned independently of the competition.

The ASF and “Secrets of the Nullarbor” support the artists Bill of Rights

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