Frequently Asked Questions

Accommodation and Venue

Are we able to camp at the school?
Unfortunately camping at the school is no longer an option, so you will need to find alternative arrangements for camping.

What other accommodation is available in Ceduna?
There are several caravan parks with cabin accommodation and some private cottages April is a busy time in Ceduna so BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment

What if the State borders are closed due to Covid-19 restrictions and I can't get to/from Ceduna?
Take a look at our cancellation & refund policy for more information on Covid-19 related decision making, and refund policy

What’s your refund policy?
See our cancellation & refund policy page for more information

What fire restrictions apply?
A fire ban period is in effect during the conference and field trips (ends approx. 30th April, exact date TBA), and as such some activities are restricted or banned. Open fires, wood fires, and other solid fuel fires are not allowed, but gas fires, including camping stoves and BBQs, are ok, except on days of total fire ban. See the CFS Fire Bans and Ratings page for daily forecast Fire Danger Ratings (we are in Fire Ban District 15: West Coast), or this page for more details on what is or is not allowed.

The Conference

How can I submit my abstract?
Abstracts can be submitted right up until the 28th of February. Details can be found here

What meals will be provided?
Meals provided are:

  • Welcome Dinner Sunday evening
  • Lunch, morning and afternoon tea on Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri (not Wednesday)
  • Cavers dinner on Friday evening

Where is the venue?
The majority of the conference will take place at the Ceduna Memorial Hall. This is located at 31 Poynton Street, Ceduna

Is there a program?
You can see the latest version of the program here.

Caving on the Nullarbor

Can I take my 2WD on field trips?
Your 2WD will get you to Ceduna no problems, but 4WD is advised for the field trips to travel to the caves. 2WDs on the Nullarbor are suitable for most but not all caves - clearance is important. In wet conditions, 4WDs are a must! Limited carpooling may be available on request. If you have space in your car or need transport please let us know.

Where will the field trips be?
The Nullarbor is a huge place! Many of the caves we visit are somewhat remote and across a 500km stretch between SA and WA. There will be a good focus on infrequently visited SA caves, and also a selection of WA "classic Nullarbor" caves on offer. The exact list will be confirmed in the coming months, and is subject to permit and other access approvals.

While the conference is held in Ceduna, most of the caves are much further to the west - the first group of caves will be located near the Nullarbor Roadhouse, which is 300km from the conference venue. Other sites include Koonalda Homestead, Eucla and Mundrabilla.

More detailed information can be found on the field trips page.


What if I have more questions?
Feel free to contact us via our online form

Secrets of the Nullarbor


Australian Speleological Federation


Flinders University Speleological Society Incorporated


Cave Exploration Group of South Australia


Scout Caving Group of South Australia